Frequently Asked Questions was started by Health Care providers specifically to fulfill various educational needs. It can be used not only as a readily available web tool to record clinical encounters but also to confirm them and to export them for more detailed analysis.

The Trainee Logs can not only be customized according to specific educational needs, the interface for data entry can be further enhanced to add additional elements. Depending on level of training and educational needs of specific trainee data fields can be added or removed from encounter logs. This can be further enhanced by modifying it for specific speciality in health care in various health care settings.

MediLogs is designed to be adaptive and responsive to various computing needs. Instead of providing specific applications for each every device it is designed to provide same user friendly interface across all devices irrespective of what platform they come from. Further the website adapts to size of your screen ranging from desktop PCs to tablets to mobile phones.

Just as encounter logs are customizable, trainee evaluation is also customizable. Based on clinical educational guidelines for individual institution, the evaluation form can be detailed and can incorporate evaluation rubrics but at the same time can be conversed to simple efficient collapsable menu based on each and every faculty trainer's needs.

Trainees information can be imported as simple spreadsheets and extent of information associated with trainee can be customized for each institution's needs. All users will have full control on privacy and account information with built in ability to change login and security information as per individual needs.

Each institution is provided with it's own database for enhanced security and privacy. The user information will not be shared between institutions. Similarly encounter information and trainee evaluations are kept separately for each institution. Further institutions can download the data and create required backups as per individual requirements.